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Reception (Robins)

A message from the Class Teacher, Miss Roberts


Term 1 2017


Welcome to Robins class! I hope you had a lovely summer holiday and are all ready for a brilliant year in Reception!

This term our topic is ‘All About Me’. We will be getting to know each other, talking about our friends and family, our likes and dislikes, what we are good at and what we would like to get better at, and what makes us unique!

Everyday there will be a mixture of teacher directed activities and child initiated sessions. Activities will take place inside and outside the classroom. There will be lots of speaking and listening over the term, encouraging your child to ask/ respond to questions and talk about their experiences.

We will be beginning phase 2 phonics, focusing on encouraging the children to be writers through guided writing with an adult. They will be encouraged to write the sounds they can hear in words, and will be practising handwriting patterns and letter shapes, learning to match letter shapes and their sounds, so that they can use them in their writing.

In maths, the children will be counting forwards and backwards and finding one more or less than a number to 10 and beyond. They will develop their number recognition and have opportunities to solve simple problems. We will also be exploring 2D shapes.

Every Friday, we will send home short tasks for the children to complete in their Love to Learn books, based on the learning we have done that week. The first Love to Learn task will be sent home at the end of Week 3. The children will also soon have reading books sent home every day. Please listen to your child read and practise their sounds/words regularly and write in their reading record when you read with your child to let us know how you feel they are getting on.

Our online assessment and recording system, Tapestry, will be up and running very soon. This will give you a chance to see photos and comments about your child’s learning throughout the week. We will be taking email addresses for Tapestry during the home visits; if you have not been able to give us your email address by the end of next week please let us know so we can sign you up.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your child’s learning or well-being. Thank-you