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Year 3 & 4 (Owls)

A Message from the Class Teacher, Miss Woodruff

Term 1 2017

 Welcome to Owls Class! 

Important information:

Thursday: PE lessons outside with Adam (outdoor shoes needed)

Friday: Swimming at Simon Langton (swimming kit needed)

Homework: Set and tested every Friday (bring your book!)


We have made a brilliant start to the year already in the first week back! We have learned about kennings, started our 5-A-Day, tried out some fun tricks in ICT and found out what 'magnetic' means. It has been lovely see faces old and new and we are looking forward to a fun year ahead.

Our English lessons this term are going to be based around The Crow's Tale by Naomi Howarth. This is a beautiful book that offers us a chance to build up our descriptive language.

 Image result for the crows tale ebook


In Maths we are going to focus very strongly on number. We need to have a good knowledge of place value so that we can add, subtract, multiply and divide well.

Science is all about forces and magnets. We will be doing different experiments to find out how magnets work and what they are useful for. 

RE is based around Judaism. We are going to revise the story of Moses and find out what happened to the Israelites.

Our Topic is the Vikings! We will be having fun finding out what they looked like, where they were from, how they travelled and we are hoping to go on a school trip to find out how they lived as well. Look out for a letter about that soon.

We are looking forward to a great year in Owls!




Term 6 2017

Important information:

PE kits will be needed on Thursday and Friday. Please make sure sensible outdoor trainers are brought into school to ensure the children can safely take part.

Homework will be set on Friday. Please ensure homework books are returned by Thursday.

Spellings and times tables will be set and tested every Friday.

Now that the weather is improving, please put suncream on the children before they come to school. They can bring some with them to top up during the day if necessary. Sunhats are also recommended as our school field has little shade.

We are heading in to a fun filled final term! With Move Up Week, Sports Day, the school play and many other activities along the way, it will fly by!

In English we are going to start by writing about Aladdin and The Enchanted Lamp by Philip Pullman. This is a story we all know well so it will really let us show off our writing skills. This is the beautiful front cover to help you get your imagination going.

Now we have covered all of the objectives for the year in Maths, we are going to spend this term going over things we haven’t done for a while! Look out for lessons on time and shape especially. We are also going to keep working hard on problem solving as this is the toughest part.

Our Science lessons are going to be full of different kinds of experiments this term. We have learned about sound, electricity, animals, living things and states of matter during the year so we are going to explore how these are connected to the real world through experimentation. We might get wet …

All the planning for our Eco-Projects has been completed so now it is time for us to implement our ideas. We will be doing this throughout the term and we hope to have a real impact on our local environment as a result. If you can donate anything from the list sent home at the end of term we would be very grateful!

RE is all about inspirational people of faith. We will be learning about everyone from the Dalai Lama to Bear Grylls and finding out how being a person of faith has inspired them to do great things and how the great things they do have inspired other people.

We will also continue to learn about art and artists. Thank you to all the parents who came to our class assembly and especially to those who attended the art gallery – the children really enjoyed sharing their art with you and giving them the opportunity to talk about what they have created and why was an excellent learning experience. This term we are going to look at European artists. Do you think you could be the next Picasso or Rembrandt? Let’s find out!

What did  we do in Term 5?

What a busy term it has been! We have learned all about Iron Man during our English lessons and produced some beautiful pieces of writing. Our class story is still on the board in the corridor if you would like to come and see the fantastic work we have done. In the last two weeks, we have been writing a holiday brochure all about Sicily. We even tried some Italian food like olives, mozzarella cheese and lemon cake. Some of us liked it more than others …

In Maths we have really focused on our use of number as you may have noticed from the Maths Methods homework recently! We have worked very hard to make sure we are using number confidently and we have tried lots of puzzles in maths lessons to test our skills.

Science has been all about living things. We explored the school environment and went on a minibeast hunt. We have learned about MRS NERG and how to classify vertebrates too.

Our Eco-Projects in Topic are coming along really well. We are sending a resources letter home so if you do have any of the items we need to make our Eco-Projects we would be really grateful if you could bring them in after half term. The children have done all the planning for this themselves so it would be lovely to see their ideas realised.

During our ICT lessons, we have been learning to code. We have used PurpleMash to create characters that can move and we have begun to use the programming we know to make the characters create a story. Here is an image from Immie, Isabel and Layla’s work – can you work out what will happen?

Although we are working really hard, we have had some fun extracurricular activities too! We have taken part in a K’Nex event which was highly competitive and we also learned to be fantastic drummers.


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A group of owls is called a parliament.

Owls can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees.
Owls do not make nests
Let us know more facts to post onto the website.