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Welcome to Woodpecker Class - Year 5 & 6



On this page you will find information about Woodpecker class, including the homework set and  gentle reminders for up and coming events. 

Home Learning during school closure

Dear parents and carers,

Each week I will be uploading a timetable of activities for your child to complete at home. I have tried to follow the structure of a normal school day as closely as possible to allow you to maintain a familiar routine whilst learning from home. These include a maths focus and a developing writing project through the week. There will also be a 'wider curriculum' activity assigned through Purple Mash for your child to work on during the afternoons. Every child has a login to access all digital platforms, however, if misplaced please contact us. 

A new timetable will be available on this page every Monday morning for the school week ahead. 

Kind regards, Mr Allen

Woodpeckers Home Learning Easter 1

Woodpeckers Home Learning Easter 2

Woodpeckers Home Learning Summer 1

Woodpeckers Home Learning Summer 2

Woodpeckers Home Learning Summer 3

Woodpeckers Home Learning Summer 4

Woodpeckers Home Learning Summer 5

Term 6 Woodpeckers Home Learning 1

Term 6 Woodpeckers Home Learning 2

Term 6 Woodpeckers Home Learning 3

Term 6 Woodpeckers Home Learning Week 4

Term 6 Woodpeckers Home Learning Week 5

Term 6 Woodpeckers Home Learning Week 6

Term 5 Spellings

Term 6 Spellings

First News - This is the children's newspaper that gets delivered to the school for the class to read:

Fantastic 5

These are the morning maths activities that the children complete in the mornings when they first come in.

Year 5 Fantastic 5 Week 1

Year 6 Fantastic 5 Week 1

Year 5 Fantastic 5 Week 2

Year 6 Fantastic 5 Week 2

Year 5 Fantastic 5 Week 3

Year 6 Fantastic 5 Week 3

Year 5 Fantastic 5 Week 4

Year 6 Fantastic 5 Week 4

Year 5 Fantastic 5 Week 5

Year 6 Fantastic 5 Week 5

Optional Easter Activities

These are just a few suggestions for activities to complete during the Easter holidays:

Maths mystery - It will require a number of mathematical skills to solve the mystery (Maths mystery game)

Story Writing - Use the idea of an Easter egg hunt to begin your story, could it become a mystery of who's taking all the eggs? What if something else was discovered during the hunt? How about you wrote about how the very first Easter egg hunt came to be?

Make an Easter Card - Make your own Easter card using one of these ideas or maybe you have your own that you'd like to try?

History/ICT - Research just where Easter eggs came from and are they celebrated around the world? How are they made? How many are made each year? You could present this in a powerpoint or as a two-page spread with all your information that you've found. Otherwise a poster would also be able to show your research.

Cooking - Why don't you try preparing one of these dishes ( Be sure to send me pictures!


If you are to complete any of these tasks please take photos and send them in (! It's wonderful to see all of your hard work!


Happy Easter!

Children's Home Learning

These are just a few examples of Woodpeckers' home learning! Please send in any photos of Woodpeckers work or their learning - it's fantastic to see!


Connie's Chocolate Book

Maria's Hedgehog Cake

Maria's Lockdown News Report

Connie's Lockdown News

Lily-Rose's Story: "Alfred the Great"

Ella's Factfile on Field Voles

Charlie's Story: "The Dinosaur who created the Solar System"

Macie's Poem: "Beach Time"

Additional Resources and Web links

NEW home learning packs:

Year 5 - Year 5 School Closure - Learning From Home Pack

Year 6 - Year 6 School Closure - Learning From Home Pack

KS2 - My Activity Book Age 7 - 11

White Rose Maths -

Times Table Rockstars -


Comprehension -

Identifying Errors (These are the 2019 SATs papers completed but with common errors put in. It would be up to the class to find and correct these errors and become the teacher/marker) -

Maths Home Learning


Times Table Rockstars

Pie Corbett Maths

Carol Vordeman - themathsfactor

Khan Academy

Maths Problem Solving

1. Place Value Problems Year 5

1. Place Value Problems Year 6

2. Addition and Subtraction Problems Year 5

2. Four Operations Problems Year 6

Science Home Learning

The Royal Institute in London has an online section containing a series of short films making it fun, easy and cheap to do science experiments at home with your children. The films give you lots of ideas for activities that will help you explore the world around you, question and experiment together. There are ‘hands-on’ activities with plenty of learning opportunities and a chance for fun! 

The STEM Learning website has a dedicated section of their website specifically designed for parents/carers to engage their children in activities that inspire them to learn more about the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Simply Google: STEM Learning Parents, or click here. 

The Great Science Share    – The annual campaign to inspire primary and secondary children to share their scientific questions with new audiences runs again for 2020. GSS encourages students to ask and investigate their own questions – with no boundaries! Students can share work they have done in school or at home, with the community. The website gives guidance on organising a sharing event, as well as scientist answering children’s questions in videos, blogs and Twitter.  

CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. The awards include resources with all the activities needed for every age range. It could be done as class activities, as a STEM club, as a whole-school initiative… some of the activities could be done at home using everyday household items. Resources are free to download, and children can be certified form £1 per child. Find out more at  

Regreen the Desert Practical Action , a charitable organisation, has launched a Regreen the Desert campaign – an exciting NEW STEM challenge suitable for pupils aged 8-16 years. The challenge inspires pupils to develop ideas to address a real-life problem caused by climate change. Their challenge is to capture rain water to irrigate crops for a community living in North Darfur, Sudan. There are free downloadable teacher and student packs available online

Create your own boat to sail down the River Stour: The Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership are planning on having a competition to race homemade boats in the River Stour! There are certain rules such as using recyclable materials and you need to make sure nothing falls off your boat (we don't want to pollute the river)! Dates to be confirmed but for more information click on this link: River Stour Competition

Curriculum Information

Here you can find:

* our Woodpecker Curriculum Map (this year we are on Cycle A)

* our Woodpeckers Term 4 Topic Web for the term


Previously in Woodpecker Class:

Maths Week

Woodpeckers have embraced the mathematical twist on our subjects this week with great enthusiasm. They have worked together to create a large scale version of the Titanic in pencil as well as becoming numbers and performing their own dramatic scenes. They have also looked at collecting data and creating line and scatter graphs too. This included running laps and testing our musical knowledge both geographical and entertainment. We then created our own smoothies in small groups whilst some also created flapjacks too.



Landscape Art

This term has seen the class work on developing their skills as artists and try out a number of different techniques. They used their photos from their Winter homework and sketched them in detail and then moved onto painting them. They tested out techniques to really find the best way to paint sand, grass and water. All of the finished pieces are stunning!



Fitness Circuits

This term has seen the Woodpeckers work extraordinarily hard to improve their fitness. They have been working through different circuits to train various muscle groups and their cardio too. They have found it tough but have not given up!



Egyptian Workshop

The Woodpeckers were able to enjoy a workshop focused on our topic of Ancient Egypt this week. This allowed them to explore the many areas of our topic in great detail and uncover even more interesting facts. They learnt about the process of mummification in greater detail and about the use of cubits. They took part in a number of re-enactments and a quiz too. They were able to look and feel artefacts and play a game from the Ancient Egyptian era.




Working Scientifically with Forces

The class were tasked with using their scientific knowledge and putting it to the test this week. They were set the problem that required them to think about the effects of both wind and water resistance as well as buoyancy. They were also tasked with working out how could one of them balance on a see saw with Mr Allen using a pivot. One team proved very successful and were able to balance the plank perfectly.




We were learning about mummification this week, this included writing instructions for how to mummify a person as well as beginning to design (and build) our own death masks. Whilst this was happening one of our class also became a mummy to show the class what the final version will look like.


Building Pyramids

The class really got to experience the hard work that went into creating the Ancient Egyptian pyramids, when they tasked with building their own from lego. However, the bricks were the other side of the football pitch and they could only carry one at a time!

 Making our own Inventions

In DT the class were put into small groups and given a task of building their own invention that would help someone at school. They would have to source their own materials and they even pitched their ideas for investment. They went from design to construction and there were desk tidies, a speaker, a coffee maker and a book return amongst others created.


Learning about Forces

Our Science focus this term has been Forces and what affect they have on us and other things. We have looked at measuring them, the effect of gravity, water resistance and felt the effects of wind resistance ourselves!


 Big Soup Share

All of the class took part in preparing soup for the Big Soup Share this year in Woodpeckers. They prepared the vegetables all themselves and were then able to demonstrate it to each other. They all took part in turning it into the two delicious soups that were shared with the community.


Egyptian Vases Preparation

Woodpeckers have been working hard designing their Egyptian vases in connection with our topic and this week began constructing them. There was lots of newspapers and it did get quite messy at times(!) but we are closer to our finished articles.




Mental Health

This week we discussed various ways to look after our mental health including eating healthily, exercising, spending time with friends etc. The children then each took a topic and created a poster to represent each theme.



 The class have been provided with an assortment of tasks to complete. It is their choice which one they'd like to complete each week.

Woodpeckers Term 4 Homework Grid

Each year group is also provided with Key Instant Recall Facts to work on throughout the term at home.

Key Instant Recall Facts


It is strongly encouraged for Woodpeckers class to be completing tasks on Mathletics throughout the week to aid in the progression of their maths skills. The points they accumulate through the week will be rewarded with a certificate and prize during celebration assembly on Friday.