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Our Intent

At Petham Primary School, it is our intent to provide children with a high-quality, broad and challenging maths curriculum. We want children to become fluent in the fundamental skills of maths. We intend to achieve this by developing an ability to rapidly recall and apply their developing knowledge with accuracy. We want every child to be able to reason successfully, at their level, by justifying and making links between concepts using high quality mathematical vocabulary. Also, we enable children to access regular opportunities to apply mathematical knowledge and understanding right across our wider curriculum. 


We want the children to see that maths is an interconnected subject, to make connections across the different areas to develop their fluency. This is why we have adopted the mastery approach to teaching and learning maths. The idea is introduced in the Foundation Stage, developed through the White Rose scheme of learning from EYFS to Year 6. At the same time, we unlock a passion for the subject, motivating the children to learn; encouraging them to believe that they can and will achieve in maths; and produce lifelong learners of the subject. 



How we implement our curriculum


Our staff develop their lesson planning using the White Rose scheme's mixed age long term planning. This can be found here by using the filter.



To support the mental dexterity with numbers we learn number facts, such as number bonds and times tables and these are often taught during the mental/oral starter. These are put to the test weekly in every class when children participate in Big Maths Beat That from Year 1 to Year 6 and in EYFS during the summer term. 


Outside of the daily maths lessons, children complete their daily 'Fantastic 5' across Key Stage Two classes. Our aim is ultimately to develop, practise and apply methods for and understanding of the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Teachers carefully deploy their 'Fantastic 5' each morning to enable regular opportunities for retrieval of previously taught key concepts.


Progression of Skills

Useful maths websites and games